Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Home Painters

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In Waco Home Painter is one of our specialties. Since the late 90’s, we’ve been one of the most affordable home remodelers in Texas, and have renovated many homerooms in your own neighborhood. Call us for a free estimate on your Home Painter project, and find out for yourself why we’re a trusted partner in home improvement services in Waco, College Station. Is it finally time for that cracked tile to be replaced or repaired? Or maybe you’ve decided to replace those outdated colors with something more contemporary during your home remodel. Even if you just need a new paint color, we’re the ones to call. It’s not unusual for your homeroom to have more than one kind of flooring. While some prefer a tile floor throughout, others prefer a soft carpet, with vinyl, laminate or tile floor near the toilet and shower areas. No matter what your choice of flooring, we’ll install it to your satisfaction – and you’ll be glad you chose us as your homeroom remodeler.

Living Room 

 It’s hard enough waking up in the morning, let alone having to squint to shave or put on makeup due to poor homeroom lighting. Or maybe there’s too much light, shocking you into alert mode when stumbling into the homeroom each day. Ever thought about installing a dimmer switch as part of your home remodel? This simple remedy will allow you to adjust your homeroom’s lighting conditions to accommodate each and every task. From new windows and mirrors to new light fixtures and switches, let a home remodeler from us show you how these and other home improvements can make all the difference in your home.Countertops and Other Details New granite or tile countertops aren’t just for kitchen remodeling, but for home remodeling as well. Even small surfaces such as homeroom vanities and sinks can become a showpiece in your home. Our homeroom remodelers will be happy to point out other ways to get the most out of your Home Painter, such as new cabinet and drawer pulls, decorative trim and glass tile backsplashes. Creating the homeroom of your dreams is all in the details!Contact us today for a free estimate and consultation on any home improvement, painting, kitchen remodeling, Home Painter, or basement finishing project in the communities of Waco, TX; College Station, TX